Prepare Thy Soul For Temptation 2

Back in the days when recording on cassette tape, you would have an abrupt interruption because the tape would end. Then you had to flip it to the other side, and this is how you get a part 2. Similarly we spoke about the improvements and features of the 12T.CO Radio Page and now we will continue to next part …

Prepare Thy Soul For Temptation 1

Now that our 20th Anniversary has newly been reached, we have uploaded our first class ever recorded on cassette tapes. Well, let’s first mention that it has been already a few months since the 12T.CO Radio page was updated. I know what you’re thinking, there is no STN post about it? That is due to the fact that other portions …

The wicked shall be turned into hell: Psalms chapter 9

What an appropriate time to read this Psalm! Everywhere you are hearing of the war between Ukraine and Russia. For some it might be a source of anxiety but if you know the prophecies it will strengthen your faith. Amos 3:6 “Shall a trumpet be blown in the city [by the watchmen as warning of war, see Ezekiel 33:1-9], and …

Do these deserve to be Punished?: Amos chapter 2

After declaring the prophecy against the nations and the reason why he is punishing them. We must reflect whether our conditions are as a result of our misdeeds. What are some of the things done among our people that might make us ask the question in the title? The prophet turns to our people and declared, how they harm their …

Radio 2.0

Grace unto the hearers:
Years ago we got to complete the mission of having our own radio station. At first it was running smooth with no hiccups; the content was great, a nice mix of music, classes, and audio Bible. We even got five star reviews on Facebook. However we started having issues with listeners getting disconnected as the audience increased. This major problem honestly made us revamp and upgrade our radio station. If you stopped listening because of the intermittent connection, we want you to come back and give the radio station another try. I could confidently tell you that the issue has been fully resolved. Since it’s no longer like the traditional radio that streams content. Now you have more control; you could choose from a playlist what you want to hear, shuffle the playlist, or put it on repeat. You could even fast forward or go back in the timeline. That means you are not missing any portion of the class anymore. Let us know what you think!

12T.CO Radio:

Happy Feast of Tabernacles – Day 2

Shalam brothers and sisters:
All praises to the Heavenly Father and his Son, we had a great time on the first night of the feast. You could probably hear it in my voice that I had mad fun and recovering from it…lol Raspy voice and all I want to share with you our little tradition that we do yearly on this feast. To listen to the class right now go on the 12T.CO Radio. If you didn’t know the radio at times plays classes that might not be uploaded as podcast download. So please use this resource as often as you can. Shalam!

Bookmark the the link to listen to the radio:

12T.CO Radio is Here

All praises to the Heavenly Father early this morning we have re-launched an upgraded version of 12T.CO Radio. If you liked listening to the podcast you will love this radio station. It provides scripture reading, pre-recorded & live classes, righteous music (Rap, R&B, Salsa, Jazz, etc…), and extended versions of the podcasts (prayers, unedited classroom feel, etc…). We also want you to be involved by suggesting music that you would like to hear, moving away from the “Songs of Fools”. FYI for now the radio station is weekly updated with pre-recorded extended classes until it picks up more steam. Around 4am the playlist is automatically generated… here is the current playlist.

Extended Version of You are Manasses

Prayer: Intro Prayer in Manasses.mp3
Music: Art of Patience-Deuteronomy 6-4 (Israelite cypher).mp3
Prayer: Second Prayer in Eccus.mp3
Music: Art of Patience-Real Judaism.mp3
Podcast: you-r-manasses.mp3
Music: True Patience-sons of thunder.mp3
Class: Breaking down the Book Prayer of Manasses.mp3
Music: True Patience-Righteous love.mp3
Prayer: Ending Prayer in Psalms.mp3
Class: divisions.mp3
Podcast: manasses.mp3
Class: jezebel-spirit.mp3
Class: theawakening-prophets.mp3