Radio and more

Shalam my brothers and Sisters,
We want to advertise to you our online radio that is updated every two days with at least 2 pre-recorded classes or other content such as KJV bible readings and music.  The link is

If you do not want to stream the classes but rather download them here is a download list of what currently is playing.

Besides this we want to you let you know that “The Scriptures” site is completed; it contains all the books of the Bible.  Moreover our free apocrypha download revision 2 has been uploaded.  We are very pleased with the outcome of this resource and it will be very useful to us and you.  There are still other things in the works for this section but will defer to mention them another time.

Last thing is when you visit our site using the address ( or it will no longer redirect to this section but send you to the face of our website.  We hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone that has become accustomed to redirect.  Please bookmark this page if you want to come here directly.   We pray you are pleased with the improvements and continue to visit.  Shalam!