New Year’s Eve

New Year loading

Usually when following a tradition the person is aware of its origins and purpose, this is not the case with our people. However, the prophecies declare that a time will come when our people will realize that their traditions are based on falsehood. Like as when a child finds out that Santa Claus does not exist. Jeremiah 16:19 “O LORD, …

Renew our Days as of Old 4: Are you OK with worshiping Satan?

Shalam (Peace) brothers and sisters: Naturally no one will say yes to this question, but this is exactly what is happening! Have you considered what you are really celebrating? Before you try to make an excuse and say, that it is not your intention or that it means something different now. We want to warn you that God had dealt …

A Snowy Day

Today I was fortunate to be home while it was a snowy day in NYC. Lately I have been meditating on a few ideas to record about but the one that stood out is the recent weather conditions. Don’t worry this podcast is not about any forecast, I’m not a meteorologist. Instead is about some simple facts that we might know and overlook that could make a difference at how we continue living.