Flyer: The Laws were NOT ABOLISHED!!!

A common misconception is that by the death of Christ the laws of God were removed. If you believe this, then you must also believe that sin is alright to do. Modern Christianity (Churchianity) does not understand the purpose of the Messiah, there are a few reasons why. The first reason is that their beliefs in Christ is not based …


Why Demoncracy instead of Democracy? As the title suggests, the governments of this world are ruled by Demonic rulers, therefore this should be the proper title for the propaganda of politics. First let’s address some of your concerns about this current election, before we explain why it is demonic. In every election our people feel pressed to vote to make …

Slavery Flyer

On July 4th (a week ago) many of our people participated in celebrating Independence Day without regard to their history. How soon they were reminded of their past! With the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile our people were brought back to the reality that has existed for centuries. Ironically anyone that doesn’t ignore history would have known the fact that July 4th 1776 is not the date that congress Declared their independence. Slavery began in the late 1500’s in this land that would become known as United States of America. Slavery is so deeply rooted that in the birth of this nation the authors of their document of “liberty” rejected to denounce the slave trade. Why would any descendant of slaves participate in the Satanic revelings of this nation? We know some of our people do it out of ignorance but look around, can’t you tell this is not your rest? Why do they hate you so much? You need to wake up and find out who you are and why these things are happening. Read the Slavery Flyer to start you on the right path towards peace.

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In this picture you could see in the background how guns were always used against our people by those upholding the “laws” of the land.  Most do not know that laws were written against our people to this very day.  Slavery is still legal according to the Constitution of America.  The caption below shows how the scripture said a Fugitive slave should have been treated (Deuteronomy 23:15-16) also how they do not uphold their own laws such as how slavery was a contradiction to the Declaration of Independence.