Abraham the Blessing

One of the biggest lies that is taught in Churchianity is against our forefather Abraham.  The heavenly Father gave Abraham a great promise that would be inherited by his seed (children) but that blessing is being removed in the churches by a deceitful doctrine.  Unfortunately most of our people will not pick up the so called Old Testament to read it and find out what was actually said to Abraham.  This is one of the reasons why we always recommend to a born again brother or sister to start in the book of Genesis in search for the truth.  Hopefully this podcast lesson will open your eyes to see the importance of knowing who you really are and the damage that is done by not picking up the Bible and reading it from the beginning.

On another note, The Scriptures site has been updated to include up to the book of 1st Chronicles.  Lord willing after the Sabbath we will have uploaded the Apocrypha free download.