Abraham in Genesis

Shalam brothers and sisters:

I hope that you started your journey in studying the scriptures and if you are like me you can’t put the book of Genesis down.  To assist you we have taken one step further in progressing the section of our website where we are publishing the scriptures.  As of now the book of Genesis is completely up there, check it out when you get a chance.  The link is http://12tribes.net/bible/ bookmark it as one your favs and share it.  Eventually the entire Bible (including the Apocrypha) will be accessible via this site.   This past Sabbath we were answering some questions in Genesis.  The lesson is relating to the misconception that the Bible originates from the philosophies of the Egyptians.  When studying the scriptures it is easy to prove how different the teachings and culture of Egypt was from the Israelites.  Nonetheless we could also learn that the idolatrous culture of Egypt originated from Babylon a place Abraham originated from and is familiar with its teachings.  After being called by the Heavenly Father, Abraham had to renounce the life that he was accustomed to and influenced the world that he traveled; teaching that there was only one True God.