The Dreamer: MLK

Shalam (Peace) to those seeking justice through the truth:

Yesterday many were commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal observation. Ironically the man that is being remembered was assassinated by the government that established this celebration. Why then would they create a day in his honor? Should be the question you ask yourself. When examining scripturally the message that is always presented during this time of the year, especially in the education system the answer becomes apparent. Some might not know where to start looking. Don’t worry just click on this link to read The Dreamer. Hopefully it will help you wake up.

12 Tribes of Israel Congregation

The Plan for the watchful (Gregory)

This class was inspired by a comment made in Facebook by a brother by the name of Gregory (which means watchful).  The brother asked “What is the plan of action….financial plan to bring sustainability to our people. Turn your comments into a plan. Post your plan and lets develop it…here on fb.”  Of course Facebook is definitely not a fitting …