Hosea 4

It is time to Hear the word of the LORD”, as this chapter declares. Why are the minds of our people so far from truth? Whoredom and not being sober takes away the heart. For this reason our people are flooded with content (music, videos, pictures, etc..) everyday to capture their attention towards the trap. After your mind, heart, and soul is theirs; you will love evil above yourself. The things our forefathers fought for like not eating pork, being able to keep the Sabbath, or simply put freedom! Is vehemently rejected with no evidence or reason; not realizing that they are forsaking their own mercy. When proof is shown of their evil ways they defend it without a valid point. Like a prostitute that is blinded by what she believes is love. She doesn’t see the abuse, neglect, and her suffering by the hand of whom she says loves her, the pimp. He beats her, keeps her addicted to drugs, and puts her in danger everyday. While you attempt to help her realize this fact; she rather ignore it and continue living the way she has. This is the result of whoredom, the mind of a person that lacks knowledge looks like this everyday.

As we upload this podcast I want to remind you that this audio is also available at the radio station which requires no download. It is also on the Scriptures site where you could read along while listening. Shalam (Peace)!