Wanna Help?

Once a person finds the truth an immediate reaction is the desire to help spread the good news (gospel). More than often you have ministries only seeking monetary help since that is their goal of success. 12 Tribes of Israel is a Congregation whose goal is to build up brothers, sisters, households, families, tribes, and a nation towards the Kingdom of God (YHWH). As humble servants we seek help in five different ways, in this particular order. 1. Learn, a novice (newbie) will frequently fail in his attempt to teach without the Spirit. 2. Contact, imaginary followers or secret admiration doesn’t go as far as open lines of communication. 3. Distribute, simply sharing what you found out helps more than you know. 4. Community, working as a body together supplying each other according to our skills. 5. Financially, is the last form of support that you could provide for the truth. Continue onto this page to learn more in-depth ways you could help!