Universal Genesis: Radio

To the 12 Tribes scattered abroad greetings:
Once upon a time, we introduced a streaming radio station similar to the traditional sense; meaning with minimal control that could not be fast forwarded, paused, etc.. At that time we were extremely excited because it meant for us not to use outside for profit companies like BlogTalkRadio. Today we would like to tell you a quick story of why we discontinued using BlogTalkRadio and effectively outside for profit companies. Without being long winded.

The “free” features at first were great; such as scheduling at anytime a live class, no limit of callers, and automatically it got recorded. It was saving us so much time and building an audience. One day I decided that I wanted the caller experience and I called in to listen live to a radio show regarding technology. I was aware of the advertising, which occurs before you could hear live or the prerecorded shows. We refused profit sharing from advertising. See, Proverbs 23:23. We also made sure not to provide them business on the Sabbath, by removing the classes before the Sabbath. Please read, Nehemiah 10:31 and Ruth 4:4. So we tried to work around it although it was annoying. Back to when I was listening, I was a few minutes early before the show would start. Then I get this ad about enlarging a man’s privates, SMH.

At this point I scrambled and went to our BlogTalkRadio page and listened to a prerecorded class. The advertising was the same one and then a worse one. This is when I wished we had our own radio and then the mission began…  http://12t.co/en/radio.html