Righteous Music for the Feast of Dedication

As we prepare for the weekly Sabbath, Luke 23:54 And that day was the preparation, and the sabbath drew on.” Drawing near along side the Sabbath is the feast of Dedication of the Altar. John 10:22 “And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.” Israel we go hard with our celebrations, especially this feast. Since it commemorates a time when we were not allowed to keep any Sabbath, Festival Days, or even call ourselves Israel under the Greek captivity. 2nd Maccabees 6:6 “Neither was it lawful for a man to keep sabbath days or ancient feasts, or to profess himself at all to be a Jew.”At that time it was unlawful to continue in the faith of the most High and our culture. Instead we were forced to adopt the Greek culture and name or else die. In the which our courageous forefathers that believed in the prophecies fought against oppression and received help from the Heavenly Father towards freedom and establishing a kingdom. Something we could all receive by returning to the old paths and dedicating ourselves.

Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 32:3 Speak, thou that art the elder, for it becometh thee, but with sound judgment; and hinder not musick. Tonight the elders will be covering a class regarding the victory of those prisoners of hope. But as mentioned before music will not be hindered we will be celebrating and listening to righteous music at the radio station. Right now there is over 3 hours of uplifting music that we could enjoy while we feast! Always remember, Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 40:20 “Wine and musick rejoice the heart: but the love of wisdom is above them both.” Shalam!


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