12T.CO Radio is Here

All praises to the Heavenly Father early this morning we have re-launched an upgraded version of 12T.CO Radio. If you liked listening to the podcast you will love this radio station. It provides scripture reading, pre-recorded & live classes, righteous music (Rap, R&B, Salsa, Jazz, etc…), and extended versions of the podcasts (prayers, unedited classroom feel, etc…). We also want you to be involved by suggesting music that you would like to hear, moving away from the “Songs of Fools”. FYI for now the radio station is weekly updated with pre-recorded extended classes until it picks up more steam. Around 4am the playlist is automatically generated… here is the current playlist.

Extended Version of You are Manasses

Prayer: Intro Prayer in Manasses.mp3
Music: Art of Patience-Deuteronomy 6-4 (Israelite cypher).mp3
Prayer: Second Prayer in Eccus.mp3
Music: Art of Patience-Real Judaism.mp3
Podcast: you-r-manasses.mp3
Music: True Patience-sons of thunder.mp3
Class: Breaking down the Book Prayer of Manasses.mp3
Music: True Patience-Righteous love.mp3
Prayer: Ending Prayer in Psalms.mp3
Class: divisions.mp3
Podcast: manasses.mp3
Class: jezebel-spirit.mp3
Class: theawakening-prophets.mp3